Certificate Framing

Display your accomplishments proudly with our premium certificate framing services at Lazer Art & Frame.

Certificate Framing

About our Certificate Framing

We are undisputed leaders in the field of certificate and long service award framing.

From entry-level bulk budget frames to top of the line 40+ year service awards. We provide a full in house turn-key solution.


Quality Framing Services
for Long-Service Certificates

Commemorate dedication with our meticulous framing services for long-service certificates.

We recently framed a 40-year long-service certificate for a client, celebrating an employee who started working when the Chrysler Valiant was the best-selling car, bread cost 3 cents a loaf, and SABC hadn’t even begun TV broadcasts.

Employee loyalty like this is rare nowadays, but recognizing it is crucial considering the costs of turnover. We offer quality framing services to ensure certificates are valued and showcase-worthy. We craft our frames for durability and uniformity, and offer alternatives like clear plastic for safe shipping.

Our printing capabilities ensure precision and eliminate spelling errors, saving time and avoiding embarrassing mistakes. With a track record of meeting tight deadlines, we handle every aspect of certificate creation and delivery, providing hassle-free service for your long-service award needs.

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