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Box Framing

Box Frames / Shadow Boxes are used when an item with a bit of depth needs to be placed in a frame.

Box frames are custom made to suit the item that is to be framed and can be manufactured in a host of sizes.

Box frames that will be placed on open, easily accessible walls should be no thicker than around 70mm, otherwise, they stand very proud of the wall and risk being bumped.

We manufacture box frames with a depth of up 120mm, items this size need to be placed in a corner or on a wall that is out of the way.

Your imagination is the limit and we can frame just about anything.

Shirts, Sports Equipment, Shoes, Spades, etc. we have done them all.

box frames
Box framing

Custom Framed / Box Framed Shirts

Placing a shirt into a frame is no simple task and if done incorrectly can totally ruin the appearance, and often damage the shirt as well.

If you are framing an item that is of pure of sentimental value, the method that is employed by the framer to secure the shirt to the backing board is of little importance. Should you be framing a valuable piece, however, that has been signed by your favourite sporting team, a retired player or during a landmark moment, the method used is of utmost importance. The framing process needs to be entirely reversible without causing any damage or marking to the shirt which can severely affect its value.



Framed shirts are often folded into a square or rectangle shape and then placed into a frame, what is the point? We believe that a shirt placed in a frame should still look like a shirt when we are done. We have spent many years perfecting our shirt framing techniques and offer a professional service which will complement and preserve your valuable memory. We go to great lengths to ensure that the shirt sits straight and remains in a natural-looking position.

Valuable shirts are framed in a way that can be reversed at any stage and will not have any lasting effect on the item.

Contact us with your requirements and we will gladly assist with a quotation 011 615 2986.

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