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History of Lazer Art & Frame

In 1995, Anthony Gardner founded Lazer Link Corporation, a home-based company that refurbished and sold preowned Lazer Printers.

The focus of the business eventually changed direction to building and selling desktop computers and then to selling used laptop computers.

Anthony had always been interested in picture framing and, in 1999, bought the equipment from a shuttering picture framing company in Henley on Klip. The equipment was set up in a wooden 3m x 6m Wendy house in the back garden.

The intention was for framing to be a hobby or possible sideline business.

At the time, Lloyd Gardner was in Grade 11 (standard 9) and started framing as a side hustle to earn some money while finishing high school.

After matric, Lloyd joined Lazer Link Corporation full-time as a salesperson. Unfortunately, the big brand IT shops were gaining huge popularity at this stage, making it incredibly difficult for smaller operations to compete against their small margins and massive buying power. 

At that stage, we started exploring the viability of framing business a bit more and managed to secure a few regular customers. That business started to grow quite quickly.

The computer business quickly became unsustainable to continue operating, and with few options, we decided to take a leap of faith and attempt to turn the framing into a viable enterprise. We secured rental premises in Heriotdale in Johannesburg and operated from there for many years. We quickly grew into the space, which initially appeared far too big. The business went from strength to strength, and eventually, we could purchase the property we have now.


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