Canvas Printing

Specializing in Mounted Canvas Prints, we capture your cherished moments on premium Picasso canvas using eco-solvent inks for vibrant, lasting colors. Our prints, stretched over a 22mm thick wooden frame, are delivered ready to adorn your home or office.

Choose from white or black sides, or opt for the image to wrap over the edges. With delivery across South Africa or convenient collection from our Malvern East offices, we offer custom sizes up to 1500mm x 2700mm.

Canvas Printing

Matt or Satin Canvas Printing - What is the difference?

Matt canvas has a more porous surface than satin canvas, absorbing more ink into the media and resulting in far less vibrant and colour-rich prints. Matt canvas is significantly cheaper than satin canvas and for that reason is most commonly used in the canvas printing industry. Many suppliers have the option to “upgrade” to a satin canvas at a significant extra fee. When comparing prices make sure you are comparing like products.

We only use high-quality satin/semi-gloss canvas and do not offer an option to use inferior matt media. Without experience you could easily be tricked into thinking matt canvas is “good enough” but it simply is not! Good enough, is not good enough for us, and you will only receive stunning colour rich and vibrant mounted canvas prints from us.

Canvas Printing

White, black or image wrap, what is best?

When your image is printed onto a canvas you have the option of the sides of your canvas being either white, black, or having the image from the front of the canvas wrap over the sides of the frame.

White sides are the most common choice and generally give a nice clean finish, providing a contrast between the canvas print and wall that it is mounted on. This is a good choice if important parts of the image are close to the borders of the photo and would be cut off if the image were to wrap over the sides. 

Black sides give a more dramatic effect, making the canvas really stand out on the wall, but are only suited to certain image styles. 

An image wrap is very effective on certain images and gives a more classic and tidy appearance. Just keep in mind that if you choose for your image to wrap over the sides, 25mm of the original image will be lost all round from the front. If there is sufficient space around the focal point of the picture then this is a good option.


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