Labour Law Charts

Stay informed and compliant with our comprehensive Labour Law Charts. Ensure your workplace adheres to the latest regulations with our high-quality, laminated posters.

Compulsory/required charts: Which charts do I need to display?

The Employment Equity Act Summary Chart (EEA) and the Basic Conditions of Employment Summary (BCEA) poster must be displayed at all times on your premises.

A copy of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) + Regulations is required if you have more than five employees. Avoid costly fines by displaying the required acts.

Product Specifications

All Labour Law Posters are supplied in A1 size and are laminated for durability.

Available options:

  • Poster only
  • Block mounted
  • Aluminium snap frame

Do my labour law posters and charts expire? Do I need to replace them annually?

NO! Labour law wall charts and posters are summaries of the most important parts of each specific act. They only need to be replaced or updated when significant changes are made to the act, and a government gazette announces the need for new portions to be added to the summary poster.

There is no legal requirement for posters to display the year of creation prominently. Some companies use this tactic to scare customers into buying unnecessary, overpriced posters.

Know the difference between a labour broker and a labour department inspector

The Department of Labour will usually inform you of an upcoming inspection. They may advise you to update your posters if they are out of date but will not try to sell you anything.

A Labour Broker may show up unannounced and use scare tactics to sell you “latest posters” under the threat of fines and penalties.

Don’t panic and buy from these people. Always contact a reputable supplier first to confirm if you need to update your posters.


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